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You reached my homepage. This is the spot where you can find out about me and all that I do. Also, it's a place where I try out some fun stuff in the wonderfull world of web applications. For instance, the page you're now viewing is made with Orchard, a pretty nifty CMS for ASP.NET MVC.

I adopted Microsofts' Metro style guidelines for this site. Mainly because I think Metro is going to be seen a lot in the near future. And again, just to try it out and see how it works and what it does. If you're interested; check out this site which makes it easy to implement Metro. Following some easy rules makes it easy to create a good looking site, even when you're not a good designer (I know my way around Photoshop a little bit, but that's it, no design hero at all).

So take a look around. And feel to contact me through one of the above options when you want to. It's free.